Memorias extrañas

.cero cuatro - Genaro Pérez Museum - 09.2016. Córdoba, Argentina

Memory is collective resonance, mediation through blind gestures with an infinite file. Reality is that blurry frame that articulates memory. Everything, beyond its intention or its origin, founds it: a human act, any object, a locked door, a computer code destroying itself, the tips of the radicles sinking into the spongy shadow. Any record is interpretation and baptism of an unfinished reading. The bias in the look and the decision to place cameras and microphones, is an agglutinating action on a reverberating unreality. Machines, objects, people, interpret in a process of constant feedback. We are continually subjectified to a past to which we lost access. Memory is pure unreality, phantasmagoria. 404 not found.